Fusion Update #4-Return to (doing chores) Forever

Jan - 20

Fusion Update #4-Return to (doing chores) Forever

Well I just got back from my 6 week checkup with my surgeon, and he says everything looks excellent. Apparently some of the twinges I was worried about being the hardware loosening was just normal muscle healing, and in fact he thinks that the x-rays show quite a good bit of bone attachment on either side of the hardware.


It seems that I had misunderstood my actual surgery–rather than the cage of bone matter inserted between vertebrae, my surgeon ground up my bone and attached it on the sides–the hardware and this new bone will result in the fusion without a need to put anything in the middle of the spaces. As you can see from the pictures, he was able to get me LOTS of space between vertebrae, WAY more than what was going on before the operation.

Apparently I can begin lifting up to 10 pounds immediately, building up to 15 over the next month or so, and says that I no longer need to wear the back brace.  In fact, he says I should just “listen to my body” and see what I can do, without “pushing” myself.  I am really glad to be able to do a little bit more around the house because I’ve felt real guilty these past weeks watching my wonderful wife do everything to keep the ship afloat.  It seems like the increase in activity is a balancing act that I will have to learn, but I am SO happy right now.  The next visit is at the end of March (9 weeks from now) and after that I should be cleared to see a physiotherapist to learn how to stretch and exercise with my new back. Until then, lots more walking…

Meanwhile, now that I can move and lift my guitars again, I am excited to start a new series on the blog, where I will show and tell the history of my music gear.  I hope you will like our new direction!

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