Jan - 20

Fusion Update #4-Return to (doing chores) Forever

Well I just got back from my 6 week checkup with my surgeon, and he says everything looks excellent. Apparently some of the twinges I was worried about being the hardware loosening was just normal muscle healing, and in fact he thinks that the x-rays show quite a good bit of bone attachment…

Dec - 21

Fusion Update #3: Getting Back to Normal

  I returned to work Monday 13 days after my operation. This is nothing to be proud of, it isn’t a race or anything, instead it is possible because my job is a largely sedentary one that I do at home with a computer and a phone, allowing me to work from bed,…

Dec - 13

Fusion Update #2

    In yesterday’s post I referred to some post-surgical issues that were causing me trouble. It seems that I must have been allergic to some of the adhesives that were used on me because I have been suffering from a burning, painful, itchy rash all over my back and waist that has…

Dec - 12

Fusion Update #1

  Six days after my operation, I am glad to be able to report that all in all it has gone better than expected!  The “TL;DR” version is: I think that the problems causing my pain and nerve issues were fixed, but some post-operative issues are troubling me now. As I was waiting…

Nov - 29

Back Where We Started

  After a very long hiatus from blogging, I have returned to update you on my latest travails.  Longtime readers of the blog may recall my back surgery in 2012; if not, here are some helpful links: Back and Badder Than Ever (June 4, 2012) Bringing It All Back Home (June 6, 2012)…

Jan - 01

My Back Pages Thirty Years Ago In Guitar Player (December 1989)

 Click here to see all of the previous posts! The December, 1989 issue of Guitar Player stood out in my mind for the cover interview with Keith Richards, who was celebrating his 46th birthday that month. Hard to believe I’m three years older than Keef was on that cover!  On re-reading the issue,…

Nov - 29

My Back Pages: Thirty Years Ago In Guitar Player (November 1989)

 Click here to see all of the previous posts! The November, 1989 issue of Guitar Player had a number of interesting articles. My recollection is that I was probably more focused on the John Lee Hooker interview at the time (since my main musical interest was the blues), but I’m sure that I read…