Fusion Update #3: Getting Back to Normal

Dec - 21

Fusion Update #3: Getting Back to Normal


I returned to work Monday 13 days after my operation. This is nothing to be proud of, it isn’t a race or anything, instead it is possible because my job is a largely sedentary one that I do at home with a computer and a phone, allowing me to work from bed, but in retrospect it was too soon–I was EXHAUSTED after four hours and my body was super sore all night. But I will try to do some work every day for the rest of the week; fortunately my company is closed between Christmas and New Year’s so I’ll have time to keep resting then.   On the other hand, Tuesday morning I had two 20+ minute telephone meetings with people and was shaking after, so I think I still have a ways to go!


On the bright side, Tuesday afternoon I got my staples out and while it was an unpleasant experience, I feel SO much better–the staples had been catching on my clothing, and were generally uncomfortable. Now I just need to concentrate on following the rules and not Bending, Lifting or Twisting for another month until I see the doctor and get my first post-surgical x-rays. It feels like I am making progress every day, which is very encouraging.

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