Day 18 Update: It’s the Itchy and Scratchy Show!

Jun - 26

Day 18 Update: It’s the Itchy and Scratchy Show!

For the most part, things have been going very well since my back operation.  I haven’t had to take any pain medication beyond some over the counter Aleve and I feel like a brand new person.  Until suddenly on the 15th day after the surgery, I broke out in hives all over my back.  I have been taking two Benadryls every four hours, plus spraying on Lanacane plus smearing on hydrocorisone cream to no effect.  I have also spent a lot of time with ice on my back to cool things down. The itching and the pain is terrible!

I went to see my family doctor today and he speculated that it was related to something that was used on me during the surgery (or, less likely, a reaction to the dissolvable stitches inside me).  He prescribed me 5 days worth of Prednisone, and suggested I take Claritin and (believe it or not) Zantac as well.

Interestingly, I tried to find more information about this on Google, and it seems somewhat common!  The query “hives after surgery” yields 73,000 hits and “post surgical hives” has 1.3 million.  Some people seem to be plagued by this for a long time.  I hope I am an exception!

Meanwhile, at least I don’t have to go see THIS doctor:

Itchy And Scratchy Show : Dr House

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