My hobbies include playing the guitar, reading and writing. A longtime member of the Society for American Baseball Research, in 2007 I was honored to have an article published in their journal, The National Pastime. I spent a long time teaching American History, video production, public speaking, and other classes; I've also written quite a lot about history, particularly the labor history of baseball. Here are some links to let you read up on my interests:

Over the years this website has received lots of traffic from people looking to read my masters' thesis about the Players' League a short-lived, co-operatively owned major league of baseball.
I taught a series of elective classes covering American politics, law, foreign policy, sports and popular culture during the last five decades of the 20th century. Here are the syllabi for the version covering key Supreme Court cases.
For 12 years I taught a U.S. History class to students in grades 10-12. Here are the syllabi for the survey course

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