Month: December 2022

Dec - 21

Fusion Update #3: Getting Back to Normal

  I returned to work Monday 13 days after my operation. This is nothing to be proud of, it isn’t a race or anything, instead it is possible because my job is a largely sedentary one that I do at home with a computer and a phone, allowing me to work from bed,…

Dec - 13

Fusion Update #2

    In yesterday’s post I referred to some post-surgical issues that were causing me trouble. It seems that I must have been allergic to some of the adhesives that were used on me because I have been suffering from a burning, painful, itchy rash all over my back and waist that has…

Dec - 12

Fusion Update #1

  Six days after my operation, I am glad to be able to report that all in all it has gone better than expected!  The “TL;DR” version is: I think that the problems causing my pain and nerve issues were fixed, but some post-operative issues are troubling me now. As I was waiting…