Back in the High Life Again

Jun - 10

Back in the High Life Again

48 hours after the surgery was completed I am still feeling pretty good!  The midpoint of my back feels very bruised, though  nothing is evident on the skin.  And I have absolutely no nerve pain.  My throat is still sore from intubation, but the more water I drink the better it gets.  I am incredibly optimistic, but I am also quite aware that this could be the result of the medications I have been given.

I was given pretty healthy amounts of some powerful drugs.  To control muscle spasms I was prescribed cyclobenzaprine, and to control pain, Percocet.  They have been doing a good job, but I am more than a little woozy on the medicines.  I find myself sleeping a lot, which is probably a good thing.  “Tired Nature’s sweet restorer” is what Shakespeare called it, and I could use some restoration.  But it makes me feel like one of the cats–I am up for a few hours, sleep some, wake up for a few hours, sleep some more, etc.  When I woke up this morning at 10:00 I had no idea what day it was.

The medicine is definitely helping, and I am trying to get active, but I am not rushing anything.  Besides walking around the house a bit, Courtney and I took a stroll around the yard this morning.  It was only about  a tenth of a mile all told, but I was pretty shaky at the end of it.  I will try the walk a couple of more times today, and keep it going in the coming days.  I would like to be up to a mile by the 10 day marker, but if I can’t make it that far I won’t be too upset.

Anyway, the main takeaway here is that the surgery seems to have been very successful.  So long as I can dot the i’s and cross the t’s during the recovery, I should come out of this in great shape.  Thanks for reading!

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